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My name is Heidi Wilde…….

The truth is....

It's all about the truth. The truth is what has set me free.

My life; it all seemed to be going well - or so I  told myself.  That along with all kinds of stories. 

A seemingly ‘normal’ childhood, (is there really such a thing?) and off to college I went to pursue a double major in Psychology and Sociology. After obtaining both of degrees, I was passionate about making a difference and landed my first position with Mystic Valley Mental Health Center with my four-page impressive resume, filled with clinical and practical experience .

I ran the “Evaluation Program” in a Metropolitan State Mental Hospital during the time of de-institutionalization, evaluating chronic schizophrenic patients to transition into the community. I was the House Manager of a community residence teaching clients life skills of household chores, grocery shopping, how to ride a bus, how to handle money and use a payphone (yes, they had these at the time :-)

I was 22 years old and ready to save the world, making a whopping $13K/year salary.

I lasted longer than most and after a couple of years secured a job in the corporate world, where I would spend the next thirty+ years moving up that corporate ladder.

Marrying my college sweetheart, I rolled through the years unaware and unconscious, essentially in a robotic state and living life on the hamster wheel.

Topping my scale at 203 pounds; I continued to work and eat, work and eat, all the while, avoiding feeling my feelings.

My marriage eventually unraveled;  partly because I was not happy within myself.

I continually looking outside myself for approval and love - the perpetual pleaser, the good wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, PTO leader, employee….

When my job finally began to slow down, I had to find myself another way to numb, to not feel, so I began a TWO-YEAR substance addiction

This was shameful and scary and lonely and something I hid from everyone, my family, friends and my coworkers.

Hiding behind my smile and lots of wintergreen lifesavers, my stellar performance could have won me Academy Award.

I found myself in a spiral that I could not find a way out of.

For anyone that has had any similar experience, perhaps you can relate to this.

It wasn’t until I began to shine the light, did I DEAL, FEEL and HEAL”

I found someone that I could trust enough to trust myself; to be truthful and stop telling myself stories that I had told myself right along.

When I finally learned to feel my feelings; my sadness, my anger, my pain, I began to feel my joy.

Who Knew??  The more I felt sadness, the more I would feel joy.

I finally learned how to love myself and find my joy from within.

Sometimes (well, probably more often than not), we need to DIP to SOAR.

I found self-love, self- awareness and connection and I am passionate to help others do the same.

Enter > >>> The Mental Wellness Company.

I found a company with a platform, a mission and a vision that I can stand behind.

One that seeks to put mental wellness in front of the world in a holistic, non-biased way.

Focused on the GUT-BRAIN-HEART Connection, Amare combines the lasted in science with ancient wisdom, 

Amare Global has created revolutionary natural solutions to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression and improve mood, focus and energy and improve our immune system, ALL naturally!

I align with the company’s five core values of Love, Integrity, Innovation, Humility and Service, its mission to create a holistic mental wellness platform of products, program and people with a vision to Lead the Global Mental Wellness Revolution.

We are not alone. Our stories matter.

When we share our stories, it helps others.

I am passionate about helping others who are ready to improve their mental wellness by making positive changes and live their healthiest life with purpose and help others do the same, while earning a residual income during these unprecedented times. 

Perhaps you’d like to join me on this mission? 

If so…let’s go.

We’ve got work to do.